Ceremony of Commitment

Some couples want to express their commitment to each other but are either not ready for marriage or are unable.

Couples who are in school, in the military or live a long distance apart, sometimes want to show their devotion yet are not ready to memorialize a marriage.

Some couples are simply unable to marry. That can be the case if one individual is in the process of dissolution. In some cases, immigration status prevents a couple from obtaining a marriage license. In some cases a couple cannot marry due to the age of one

Whatever the reason, I am happy to perform a "Ceremony of Commitment." When your vows are taken, you will receive a personalized certificate memorializing your vows of commitment.

NOTE: The State of California does not recognize common law marriages. A "Ceremony of Commitment" is merely intended for the couple to express their devotion to each other. If it is your intention to move to a state where common law marriages are recognized, you should consult with a licensed attorney to determine the effects of a "Ceremony of Commitment" performed in the State of California.
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